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This resolution, addressed to me, is really about all of us working together

Adam Broad

Former Vernon Township Trustee Adam Broad “the socialist that lowered the property tax levy” became a school bus driver for three years after an unsuccessful attempt to elect Bernie Sanders and win election to Congress.

This is a re-edited Drama Queen Facebook post from Oscar Night. I prefer to think of myself as Drama King, but Lee “The Lorax” Dynamo insists I’m DQ. Wishful thinking, Lee? Kiss, kiss.

Golda Meir famously said, “Don’t be so humble. You’re not that great.” With her good advice in mind, let me share this resolution (HR 233) almost two years ago by the Illinois General Assembly that honored my public service.

HR 233 Broad jokingly referred to this as his participation trophy. Former Township Supervisor Dan Didech, later elected to Representative in the General Assembly, was recruited by Broad to join the Vernon Township Democratic slate. They met in an Obama Alumni email chain…

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