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Warning: Bitter SATIRE. Buzz is back.

Consume this blog with alcohol or large quantities of leaded water.


When you look at our Congress and the leadership of both corporate parties during the 20 year fiasco in Afghanistan, it’s easy to think… yes, these same people should be in charge of another war, which we should start immediately without reforming the complete lack of oversight and accountability that produced a tragic farce and resulted in the Taliban being more entrenched than they were before we got there!

Rapid response editorial from Joe the Assyrian: Are you talking about Bush 41? Who gave all our secrets to our strong democratic ally Saudi Arabia? Or are you talking about Clinton? He gave everything to China, including weapon systems. Or are you talking about Bush 43? He also supported our good Democratic ally Saudi Arabia and went easy on Russia because he looked into Vladimir‘s eyes and fell in love. Or are you talking about the Chosen One (a.k.a. Bamz a.k.a. the B Rock) who didn’t do jack crap with anyone and told the world how weak we could be? Are you talking about Trump? He simply told Vladimir, “It’s bad for business so let’s not fight?” Meanwhile we have Uncle Joe. His entire team is in search of an adversary because he is too stupid to figure out how the world works.

NEWS FOR TODAY: #ClimateEmergency tick tock tick tock

Military Times: Up to 8500 US Troops on heightened alert in case of Russian move on Ukraine.

The news from the past 20 years reported 20 years before it happened, because the truth is only known by gutter snipes.
The Weather For Today has just arrived! Run outside and get yours!

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