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Is War? Is Good?

“Lost generation, where will we go? Off to die in the Russian snow.” – Unsuccessful Abortions (1984)

Children in Ukraine being bombed by Russia! In fact, their organs are being harvested and fed to the brutal and insane dictator Vlad “the Impaler” Putin.

Bombing children in Ukraine… unacceptable. Invading Ukraine… unacceptable. We should avoid doing these things. We should stick to bombing children in Yemen. Or Gaza. Or anywhere else, but there are very good strategic reasons why sometimes children are target practice and other times they are sacred.

To know when is good strategy we elect philosopher-kings like Grandpa Joe, Trashtalk Donnie, Barry Obomber, George Dubya “Mission Accomplished” Bush, Bill “Starve the Children” Clinton, and George “Papa Bush” Bush. Special shout out to Ronnie “Weapons for the Ayatolla and Death Squads” Raygun. Fight among yourselves about who loved babies more. I vote for Barry, my favorite talk pretty but don’t rock the boat conservative of the bunch.

None of this excuses Vlad the Impaler devouring the harvested organs of Ukraine. Vlad remembers Ukraine was part of Soviet Union but now is no Soviet Ukraine no Russia Ukraine, except for parts Ukraine with Russian army saying, yes, here is Russia Ukraine.

Russia says to United States, “You have very many very good nukes and maybe sold weapons to Ukraine, we have not so many not so good nukes, but had bad experience last time we ignored foreign government we thought we could avoid major war with and try to ignore until they were in Moscow suburbs saying, ‘where is blankets, Fritz?’ ‘Vas? Hans, I thought you bring blankets?’ – ‘Nein, Fritz, du told to bring blankets, dumbkoff!’ Maybe you study this in your history? Maybe story about Napoleon? Or maybe even America winner winner vodka dinner and take all everything winner, maybe then, best case, you do this for to run around 20 years bleed money bleed blood and get bored and go home and we are right where we are… Russia Ukraine, so go home now, save 20 years.”

But wait, Joe the Assyrian added on… and FYI, this is not Slats Grobnik alter ego. I am already alter-ego.

Joe, the Grobnik of another ambivalent politico trying not to be permanently blacklisted from working in politics by saying what is in his heart and mind: Our country is run by idiots… This “invasion“ was 10 years in the making. And we did everything to provoke Russia… For 25 years Putin has said that he would never allow Ukraine to join NATO and we kept pushing the Ukraine to join NATO. So he said “fuck you“, you wouldn’t allow an angry Mexico or Canada or Cuba to have nukes at your borders… But at least we fully equipped the Ukrainian army so when they fall next month the Russians will have new western gear.

WTF have we and NATO countries been doing about it? Our idiot leaders just made clear five days ago that we would not invoke “article 5”- basically telling Saddam to invade Kuwait, -er, I mean Putin to invade Ukraine.

All the talking heads are saying that Putin is manipulative or that he is a liar or whatever… He has said in plain Russian and in plain English for 25 years that he would not allow Ukraine to join NATO. Yes, Putin is evil and 100% of Ukrainians are gentle fawns- but this was so predictable…

Full disclosure: Buzz Fugazi is against nuclear war because he bet all his Apocalypse Sweepstakes money on Ecological Catastrophe. Donald Trump still owes me a share of the Russia sell-out money but Joe Biden never sent me any of his Ukraine/Afghanistan Army/Republic of Vietnam money, so that explains everything about this blog.

February 26, 2022 – Editor’s supplement

Is more from 2018. Is very interesting, but Pozner, perhaps playing to bourgeois Yale audience forgets after Czar and in early stage of Russian Revolution, Russia way the frack more democratic than United States ever has been. Historic fact for you to research, but this does not dismiss Pozner making other great points that do have historic accuracy.

Non-leftists describing the left is nothing more than repeated gossip.

Are you getting screwed by a rigged economy? Working more for less? Getting set up for a fall?

Maybe it’s time for all of us to stop listening to the money talk and stop repeating lies, distortion, and distraction planted by greedy, corrupt bad political actors.

Epiphany seen on Facebook:

The radical left tends to be more measured and strategic than the noob social media left.

Seriously, look at what World Socialist Web Site or Communist Party USA puts on social media vs the confederacy of rando lefty social media jag-offs.

Shouldn’t the commies or the international socialists be more indicative of “the left” instead of random twitter frackheads or Hillary Clinton or rando pundit wannabes that somehow get ascribed to represent a vast social movement with nothing but a grabbag of twitter followers?

Aside from disregarding random trash leftwingers (except for me, because my truth is more useful and my lies are more fun), maybe we should disregard corporate hypes, y’know the mounted corporate media, the professional stooges in the two-faced political farce, etc. To quote Joe Rogan:  “I’m not a respected source of information, even for me…”

Rogan added, “But I at least try to be honest about what I’m saying.” Let me add a quote from a muppet, Master Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Random lefty social media jag off, Buzz Fugazi. Not a member of the Communist Party. Maybe let the Communist Party or the World Socialists speak for themselves.

Good morning, America… this is the left… they can speak for themselves:

Return of the Wank Section: Ron Synovitz has become death

It’s doubtful that the reputation of Carbondale, IL., punk rock, the band Nirvana, or any common sense of objective truth will ever recover from Ron Synovitz’s drunken, delusional polemic claiming that an exhausted pre-famous grunge band from Seattle made a previously unscheduled detour on their way to Iowa from Texas and played at a crappy punk venue in Carbondale on July 4, 1989 while the local University was on break and the town along with the local punk scene was dead.

With such dire consequences resulting from the spread of rock ‘n’ roll falsehoods, it is tempting to renounce Ron and all his works, but it is too late. I am damned for all time. I published his now viral article. By viral, I don’t mean that millions have read it… I mean that it is disease. I spread the disease. The words are toxic and the content leaves destroyed friendships in its wake. By friendship, I mean a vague aquaintance that used to be in the same place at the same time as me decades ago defriended me on Facebook because of it. Worse than that, I have desecrated the memory of a crappy dive that sold bad pizza and cheap foul tasting beer but stayed in business by letting loud bands invite their idiot friends to pay a cover to get their ears blown out. The memories are fading but what remains is the ringing in our ears and the bad nostalgia for making loud tantrums while fascists increased their domination of the planet.

Buzz Fugazi: old punk who unwittingly assisted Ron Synovitz with a diabolical plan to spread incredible information about which band played at 611 Pizza on July 4, 1989
blog post about disputed Nirvana gig in Carbondale resulted in angry accusations and terminated facebook friendship

The funniest part about the ongoing dispute is that a former staff member of an alternative newspaper (BASEMENT) wrote the thing and didn’t quote another former staff member, Manny Flanders, who long ago claimed to be there. Manny was my former roommate. This is the conversation I remember about that fateful day: “Did you see that Nirvana show?” – “I saw them. They sucked.” This is the conversation another friend remembers about Manny. “I really wanted to see Nirvana.” – “Don’t feel bad. I saw them. They sucked.” – “You’re just trying to make me feel better about not being able to make the show.” – “No, they really sucked.”

Malcolm Robertson, a central character of Ron’s story, claims it is simply untrue. He claims Ron is deliberately misleading readers for laughs. Ron, an expatriot professional journalist who formerly worked in war zones and now lives in Prague, stands by his story.

I simply don’t care. I don’t fucking care.

Malcolm Robertson in 1989 Carbondale with Brown Order
Diet Christ covering Blood Stained Tool at 611 Pizza, Carbondale April 1989.

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